Baby Crazy!

Monday, June 30, 2014

I realize I have been silent on this little space of the web for a while. Not intentionally, just busy. One thing I have not shared on here and the main reason for not posting for a while is we are expecting! Most of you who read this already know, but for the few of you that don't .... surprise! :-) This was our "social media" announcement:

Of course we had to include our first love, Bruce Wayne! Obviously, the whole running a half marathon will have to be postponed, I think I'll be a little preoccupied in November this year. I looked up the Disneyland half marathon for 2015, and it happens to fall directly on my 30th birthday! Is it meant to be or what? So I plan to ring in the big 3-0 in 2015 running a half marathon. That will be 9 + months post baby so even if I have to walk it, I'm gonna do it.

We are super excited to be parents but also pretty intimidated!