Let It Snow!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bruce Wayne has never seen snow. Being born only this past February, he has never seen the beautiful white stuff that falls from the sky and transforms the neighborhood into something completely different and a little magical (at least that's what I think when it snows ha ha).  Right now, it is snowing at my house. It is not a heavy downpour, but a thick flurry if you want to call it that. It's not sticking either, but I have to drive to work tomorrow so that is cool with me.

* A slight disclaimer - I am aware Bruce is a dog and not my child. However, because I do not have a child, he is my furbaby...don't judge. :-) *

He wanted to go outside, so out we went!

At first, he didn't realize anything at all. Then, he started running around like a mad man trying to figure out what the white stuff was.

I think he enjoyed himself.

After a few minutes I got cold so we went inside. I was sitting on the couch wishing I had a fireplace when I stumbled across something in the Holiday ON Demand channel through Comcast. It is called Yule Log 2010. It plays instrumental Christmas music while showing a crackling fireplace.

Screenshot of Yule Log 2010
I did some more browsing and found a winter/forest snow shot  
And another fireplace, but this one does not play music. Just really loud crackling, which upset Bruce to no end for the 30 seconds it was on the TV.

So back to the Christmas music and Yule Log 2010 HD we went, and where we have stayed for the past 30 minutes.

Just a little note to John - I may be listening to Christmas music early, however as you will notice from the little pumpkins on the shelf and TV stand I am still in the "harvest" decorating theme....for now.  bwahahaha.

Viral Video Overload

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am not ashamed (even though I probably should be).... I love youtube videos that will either cause you to stare at the screen several seconds after the clip is over because you are in shock or laugh so hard you might pee your pants. My husband usually hears about videos first, and then shows them to me when he gets home. I've compiled some of my more recent favorites for your afternoon enjoyment. I think most have you have seen the majority of there, but here ya go!

Spicy Stuffed Bell Peppers

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ricky and I go out to eat too much. As a result, money is being thrown down the tube. I made a deal with myself that every night for the next two weeks I was going to attempt to make a homemade dinner for us without resorting to store bought/prepared dinners. Nothing wrong with those, I was just out to prove to myself I do have time after work and I can cook decent edible meals with what we have in the house.

My first attempt was steak fajitas, but it wasn't very fantastic was gross. Failure. Last night, Try # 2 was my own twist on stuffed bell peppers.

 In our house we rarely cook with ground beef anymore. We switched to ground turkey for the lower fat content, and if you cook it right, you don't really taste the difference! I actually started cooking with ground turkey well before I ever told Ricky what I was doing. I started out in spaghetti, and then after 3 or 4 times of him telling me how delicious it was ... I let out my secret. He was somewhat resistant to the idea at first because men eat beef, but now we don't cook with beef except for homemade hamburgers.

DIY - Monogrammed Aisle Runner

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finished project - day of wedding.
Lots of people that went to our wedding have asked me who I ordered my monogrammed aisle runner from.... the answer is I made it myself!

I can't take all the credit because I did see it first on Heather Drive's wedding blog Road to the Aisle. I absolutely loved the idea and though a lot of my personalization ideas went down the drain (the DIY photo booth, aisle lined with tissue poms, and slide show of baby photos) with lack of time left available and the very flighty/not quite as organized as she appeared to be venue coordinator, this was one DIY project I was not going to give up on.

It was very simple, and I designed the logo and finished the runner in one evening after work all in about 2 hours.