Must See!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anyone struggling to lose weight, be healthy, or want to watch an inspiring documentary, turn on your Netflix and watch Fat Sick & Nearly Dead. A man goes on a 60 day juice "fast" which is all fresh fruits and veggies and exercises, and loses a ton of weight and is able to get off all of the medication he has needed to take. He gets blood tests taken regularly to make sure nothing in his body is reacting negatively and it doesn't - in fact it is working better than it ever has! He shares his journey and inspires someone else and the results are nothing short of fantastic. They are also supervised by doctors and are not starving their body of anything and the doctors recommend it. I'll be starting my 60 days on the juice when I get back from California, and I am so excited!

Loss is always difficult.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I've decided I shouldn't neglect this little space on the web of mine anymore. So many things have happened during the past two months......the most dramatic and devastating event was the passing of Ricky's grandmother at the beginning of June. I am not going to go into detail about how she passed, just that it was an extremely unexpected and then long process, heart wrenching, emotionally tearing, and she will be missed a great deal by all who had the honor to know her while she was here on earth. She was one of the most kind women I have ever come to meet and I will truly miss the warm hugs and wonderful smile I was greeted with each and every time I saw her. She treated me as one of her own grandchildren and loved me just the same and I loved her as well.

Due to her passing, we ended up taking a 1.5 week trip to Houston for the burial and family time, which was wonderful because I hadn't met many of Ricky's family and it was also great to spend time with the ones I knew. More later on this trip.

R.I.P Grandma Dominguez. Heaven is sweeter with you in it.