House that built me.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The other day I was driving home from work and I was thinking about how fun a road trip that am going on with a few of my girlfriends this summer down to California will be (more on that later). We will be driving right by my hometown of Tenmile, Oregon and as long as it is ok with everyone in the car, I would love to swing by the house I grew up in and maybe the elementary school. I've been back technically twice, but never did more than a drive by. I of course wouldn't want to ask the people who live there now to come in or anything, but I would love to take some photos of where I grew up. As I was thinking about this a song came on the radio that I like, and have probably heard a thousand times. It's called The House That Built Me, by Miranda Lambert. If you've never heard it, even if you don't like country, it is one of those songs that resonates with everyone I think.

The lyrics touch on all the memories she has when she goes back to the house she grew up in and I began to think about all the  memories I made in that Tenmile, Oregon house. Looking back, we were not wealthy and we didn't have a whole lot but as a kid I didn't know that. I only knew I only knew about the third hardwood floor board that would creak if you stepped on it (I knew to avoid that if I snuck out of my room after bedtime)and the baby birds that hatched inside the wall above my bed every spring (yes, a bird made a nest in the wall ... I guess it was warm!)

It will be interesting to go back and see my old stomping grounds, but I am pretty excited for it!


  1. I love that song too Jess, and it reminds me of my home in Chico, i keep hoping someday to go back there..