Thursday, August 18, 2011

I have to say I am impressed with my willpower. I wanted some chicken teriyaki like it was going out of style tonight. When I say wanted it, it's like I could almost taste it in my mouth. But after talking to Ricky (who is not really sticking to the plan) I decided it's not worth it. So I fired up the blender and made a smoothie from juice of carrot,spinach, and celery blended with blueberries, black grapes, and organic peaches! I have discovered that the celery juice is really strong no matter what you put with it, so if you ever juice that, just beware.

Steady downhill grade!

I started a smoothie "diet" plan, which I kind of made up myself with the help of the documentary I mentioned in this post. I have a veggie/fruit smoothie for breakfast, a healthy lunch, and then another large smoothie for dinner.
In 3 days I've lost 6.4 pounds!
I am excited because not only is this really easy to do, but I can definitely see myself doing smoothies for a least 1 meal a day for a VERY long time. It's more of a lifestyle change and I am getting all the vitamins I need so it's quite healthy! I don't have a countdown on when I am going to stop this phase, just going until I get sick of it or I reach my goal, which is 80 lbs (big number I know). Whew!