Take 2

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well, my back as of tonight is doing better but I had quite the episode this morning. I decided that I was going back to work (had been out Tuesday &Wednesday) this morning and I had to drive in. I decided to hold off on taking the pain meds until I arrived in fear my driving would be "impaired". Turns out this was not such a good idea. By the time I arrived at work, I was in full on spasms and in tears when my co-workers got in. They were all very supportive and let me cry it out and not judge me (which they never do, I love those ladies!). My mom called to check up on me and I was in a ton of pain, which she could tell by my voice. She made me an appointment with her (and Ricky's) doctor for 10 AM to make sure it was nothing more than a severe back sprain/spasm. While in the waiting room I had a massive spasm and had to sit there and wait for it to pass until I could move again.
After a quick exam, everything but a "very nasty muscle strain" was ruled out. She sent me home with more pain pills and a physical therapy referral. The physical therapy was optional but she told me if I do that, it will probably heal more quickly.
I decided to go home instead of return to work because I was still in a ton of pain. I read somewhere that your muscles need TONS of "moisture" to heal, so I decided to drown my muscles to try and get them to heal faster. I have drank 3+ 1 liter bottles of smart water and intend to hopefully drink 3 more before bedtime. We'll see if that works!


  1. EAT BANANAS!! I've heard that potassium helps with muscle cramps... maybe it would help with your back?? Definitely don't try to do too much! I hope you're back to normal asap!!

  2. What the HECK! A bath? Would that help? I hope you get better soon!! No fun!!

    Kyle's PT at Harrison in Silverdale has been great, he's healing really quickly and has been happy with them. RELAX lots this weekend, my friend! XO