Weigh In Wednesday, Week 1

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I weighed myself this morning. I decided that every wednesday, I would weigh myself. No matter what scale said, that's what it would be. I'd celebrate my accomplishments, big or small, because this is a slow jog not a sprint. 

So I ramped myself up, got on the scale, and recorded a whopping ..... 1.6 lb weight loss. Sad times!

Was I hoping for more? Of course. 
Did I give myself 100% this past week? Not really, maybe like 75%. 
Did I drink enough water like I am supposed to? Nope. 
Did I get to the gym? Not once. 
Am I going to wallow in self pity and give up? 


I am chalking this week up as a learning experience, and moving on. It's a new day, new week, but not a fresh start. I'm gonna keep on keepin' on. I am not giving up because I know I'll have just as many low weeks as high weeks. I'll deal with it and I'll succeed. 

Suck it up Buttercup!

With that, I'll leave you with some photos/videos from the couple hours of Auntie and Kendall time on Sunday:

Happiness is swingin'. Pure and simple happiness. I also got several videos, but the video below was too precious not too share. Apparently, Kendall knows she is cute and adorable. According to her, boys are not.....

"Good thing there's no boys in there!"

Good thing Kendall, cause we didn't even go in the sand! Keep thinking boys aren't cute until you are 25. Thanks. HA!



  1. first off Jessica give yourself a big ol I love you hug from me then give yourself a big fat pat on the back you are so freakin awesome you have so much creative talent it's amazing the things you can do.....be proud of yourself ♥

  2. Hi Jessica. Just found your blog! I'm also on a weight loss journey of my own so I know how tough it is. Every little pound counts - everyone has to start somewhere (I gained this week...whomp whomp)

    I can't wait to read more of your journey! Have a great week :) also...love your layout! so pretty

  3. Debbie - Thank you :-)

    Heather - Thanks for reading my blog! I just spent the past 45 minutes getting sucked into yours :-) I also look forward to reading more from you !!:-)

  4. Interesting that you don't talk about your other niece or show pictures of her....

  5. Anonymous - Not trying to not include Kalaya, although this comment is curious as it is marked Anonymous.... I don't spend much time with her is all, she is still quite young, and I can't really take her to the park yet! Haha.

    Thanks for reading the blog though!