Kendall Lorraine Borck

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today marks my sister's adorable daughter Kendall's first birthday. In one short year she has not only stolen Ricky and I's hearts but I think the heart of every single person she smiles her fantastic squinty -eyed grin to.
 My sister has done a fabulous job raising her so far and I know she will continue to do so. I am extremely proud of my sister and what she has done so far, because it definitely hasn't been easy for her. I love them both so much and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Here are a few of my favorite photos so far, so everyone else can also marvel at how cute she is:

The day Kendall was born; the first time Kelly got to hold her.

 A couple months old... and obviously irritated about something!

One of the photos I took of Kelly & Kendall, my favorite. Not a posed photo, I just happened to catch this sweet moment on film.

I think this was taken last month.....finally enough hair for a bow!

Here is my favorite smile in the whole world! And yes, she was celebrating her victory.... she loves the remote

Happy Birthday Baby!


  1. Where did this adorable blog come from??

  2. You mean the design? they have some really REALLY cute layouts.... and I love to change them, so I will probably change it with every season....or just because :-)