Viral Video Overload

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am not ashamed (even though I probably should be).... I love youtube videos that will either cause you to stare at the screen several seconds after the clip is over because you are in shock or laugh so hard you might pee your pants. My husband usually hears about videos first, and then shows them to me when he gets home. I've compiled some of my more recent favorites for your afternoon enjoyment. I think most have you have seen the majority of there, but here ya go!

Before everyone tells me how horrible I am for posting the last video of the little girl - she didn't get hurt.... and you have to admit, the sound she make when she falls it is a little funny!

And now, just because it's my very favorite type of viral video; enter the auto-tune.........

I can't help it... I think these are hilarious.

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