Crafty Time!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I've got quite a few projects on my plate, mostly of the sewing breed waiting to be started, finished, or somewhere in the middle. A couple weekends ago I finish two projects in a matter of about a day, both for my dear friend Holli.  First up was simple panel curtains with the tab top for her girls' bedroom makeover. We found some super girly pink ballerina fabric, which fit perfectly for the purple room and got to work. From the measurements Holli gave me I basically got that much fabric (plus a few inches for a foldover seam) cut it in half and hemmed all four side of each panel with darker pink.
We also found some sparkly pink fabric for the tabs to add some contrast! Very easy project, and I think it looks pretty cute!

I also made Holli an apron *kind of for her birthday... just way late. :-(* She loves zebra print and red, and that is pretty much the common area of her home's theme. So, I grabbed some of the cutest red/white polka dot fabric and some zebra and got to work! I chose to use red thread when sewing the zebra waist line for the contrast, which I like. I also used some red bias tape to clean up the hems.

Added a little ruffle and the top and finished! The zebra waistband is extra long so she can tie a fluffy bow in the back. Adorable! I am not the best sewer *yet* but I am givng it a try!


  1. Cute! Nice work, Jess! I am impressed by how quickly you have learned to sew. Now we need a photo of Holli wearing the apron. I bet it looks awesome. Especially great for all that healthy cooking she is doing! You are a good friend :-)

  2. the apron is great!! i wore it when i baked my brownie things and was so nervous about getting it dirty!!! it looks super cute even just hanging there! its going to get lots of use this week so ill take a picture.. and ill make sure to put my heels on jess!!!

    ps i love the curtains more and more everytime i look at them!!

  3. LOL it is totally machine washable.... so get it dirty! haha