Bruce did what?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ricky recently picked up the new video game Gears of War III and he was stocked about it, His plan was to come home each day this week and play it, and i was cool with it and let ricky have his "man" time. This evening was the first time he actually had a chance to come home, veg out and play. I went into the bedroom, finished a baby scarf for my niece and caught up on some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I came out of the bedroom to tell Ricky good night and he was sitting the couch staring at the tv and Bruce. I asked him why he wasn't playing GoW anymore and he told me Bruce walked over to the xbox, shoved his nose onto the power button, holding it it just long enough to activate the button and turn it off and then looked back at Ricky like "what? I wanna play!!!" Man our dog cracks us up every single day and I am convinced dogs are alot smarter than people give them credit!!

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