Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This evening, the temps outside reached around 80. Initially I wanted to come home, put on sweats and be lazy. I'm exhausted. Then I walked through the door, saw Bruce Wayne and decided before I had a chance to be lazy, I changed into my new Old Navy compression capris (Which are amazing. Get some. Now.) and headed down to the park with the pupster in tow. 

How beautiful is puget sound!? I love that this is 1 minute from my house!

I do have to say trying to speed walk/jog with a dog as friendly and lovable as mine, created a ton of "stops". A little boy kept calling him "little baby puppy" over and over again while rubbing his hands all over Bruce's face. Of course Bruce took it like a champ and loved all over him.

I just had to add the photo below.When I saw this on my phone, I actually laughed out loud. This was my attempt at getting a picture with Bruce....... enjoy a laugh at my expense. Seriously, the longer I look at this, the more hilarious it gets!

I think it's safe to assume I also gained approximately 237 new freckles from my short jaunt out into the sun. Too bad all those fabulous little brown spots never ran together to create one giant epic tan like my mom promised me they would when I was little!


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