Gender Reveal

Monday, July 28, 2014

We had a  gender reveal BBQ for family and close friends towards the end of June (I know, I am so far behind!) We thought it would be a fun way to reveal if baby Garcia was a boy or girl to everyone at the same time. 

Ricky used this excuse to smoke his very first brisket and was a little giddy about it!

He smoked that thing (17+ lbs) overnight and got up ever 45 minutes to check that the temperature was regulated. That's commitment!

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest before the party trying to come up with fun things to do, but in the end the only "game" we did was an Old Wives Tales questionnaire with my answers. Guests could grab pink or blue beads depending on their guess. 

If you look closely, you see on the last question both options are circled. I circled that Ricky was gaining weight then he saw my answer and got all offended and circled that he was maintaining weight! We also asked guests to wear pink or blue depending on their guesses. 

I will have to say the overwhelming consensus was that baby Garcia was a boy. Ricky had told the doctor earlier on he was 100% sure baby was a boy, and he was so sure in fact that he had me convinced even though I was holding out a tiny sliver of hope for a girl. During the ultrasound, the tech had us close our eyes while she looked for the gender and then took the photo and put it inside and envelope and sealed it. I took the sealed envelope with a giant box to Party City and asked them once I left the store to open the envelope and fill the box with either pink or blue balloons, whatever was in the envelope. 



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