Oops I Did It Again

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So it's no secret, I am trying to change my eating habits and lose weight. I don't want to do some fab diet and then turn around, go back to what I was eating before and gain it all back. I was over the moon when I lost 7+ lbs in 2 weeks. I was eating a ton of fresh veggies and fruit and lean fish and meat, but mostly fish. Then I got over confidant, slacked on exercise, and slacked on the food choices.....and I have not lost a single bit of weight since. I haven't gained either though, so I guess I know I can maintain once I lose it all!

I am really frustrated with myself. No one is forcing me to eat "ok for me" foods. No one is pinning me to the couch and making me lay there immobile. I am totally self sabotaging myself. It is pretty much the exact time I always fall off the wagon after I lose a little, and I fell off even when I was aware to watch out for it.

This is me hopefully making the turning point and instead of saying "hell with it, I give up" I am telling myself  "GET BACK ON!" My mom is going to let me have her barely used elliptical machine at my place for a while so that I can use it in the morning before work. I have been getting up at 5:30 - 5:45 AM with Ricky every morning and I don't leave for work until 7:20, so there is definitely some available time in the morning where I could watch the news from the elliptical instead of the couch. Plus I just bought the Biggest Loser Kinect for XBox. I've only done it once and I didn't even finish the workout and could feel it hardcore. All the side kicks/leg lifts made me feel like my legs were gonna fall off, kinda like Barbie's leg used to snap off when you tried to make her do the splits. That was only after about 5 minutes, so I am hopeful if I can force myself

I need to continue to make the dinners that were satisfying for me and not worry about what Ricky wants for dinner because his answer will be Taco Pizza from Godfathers (which we already had this week). I need to stay strong. I need to lose this weight and enjoy my life instead of carrying around 100 pounds of extra weight.

Get on it lady!

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