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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last night Ricky and I made the first big purchase together in our marriage. We bought a brand new bed set!

I realize this is not as exciting to anyone else except for us because you are unaware of what we sleep on currently. We have a full size handed-down mattress set that we received from my grandma. She was moving to California, and was not taking any furniture with her so she generously gave us her bed which was relatively new. It is a little firmer than I would pick for myself (and Ricky as well) but it's done us well so far. However, it is no secret that we are big people (hopefully only for a short time longer). You get two big people on a full size mattress and there is no where to go. We are cuddling all the time, even if we want to or not!
 Just not the ideal situation, and we have more sleepless nights because neither of us are comfortable, Ricky is snoring right into my ear, or I have spread out and have taken over 3/4 of the bed and Ricky is on the verge of falling off.... or any combination those. Before we had this mattress, I had what was lovingly called the "FLOPPY MATTRESS OF DEATH". Anyone who has helped me move knows about Mr. Floppy. This mattress was incredibly heavy, had no form to it what-so-ever and when you picked up one side it would fold over on itself. IMPOSSIBLE to move without at least 2 people and you have to do it quickly. My sister now has this, and I do not envy her.

We were only going to look and figure out what we could get within our price range with no intention of buying. My co-worker swears by her Tempur-Pedic, and so we checked out those first. I am sure for some people it is the most amazing mattress but I have to say it didn't rock my world. It was comfortable, but just didn't do it for me. We both liked the the Simmons Beautyrest Black line, but once we checked out the Stearnes and Foster Estate line, it was over. Ricky wanted to purchase right then and there and I have to admit I was not really objecting. If they would have let me spend the night at Sleep Country, I am convinced I would have. We paid a little more than I wanted to pay, however it is the top of the top of the line, and the price included the box springs and king size mattress, free delivery/set up, the sealed mattress cover (to protect it), a 10 year warranty which includes free steam cleaning if for some odd reason we spill a gallon of liquid and it leaks through the cover (and it they can't clean out the stain we get a new bed), and a free bed frame as well! Plus we got him to price match Macy's which was $400 cheaper for the set, and he took off an addition 5%. So, in all I am thrilled with out purchase and cannot WAIT to get it delivered tomorrow. My brother will be home, so they can deliver it while we are at work and it will be there all set up when I get home from work. I was very excited when I climbed into bed last night, knowing only 2 more sleeps and I will be sleeping in luxury. However, I also silently hated my current mattress knowing I had 2 more sleeps on it. :-)

We received a wonderful down comforter and pillow set for wedding/Christmas gift to use when we eventually did purchase a king size bed. It has just been sitting in our closet unopened, and I have been dreaming about new bedding, what kind of duvet cover I was going to purchase etc. and I realized a duvet cover is like a massive pillowcase. I can totally make my own out of whatever fabric I want! So, fast forward to Friday evening, I have every intention of whipping up a duvet cover and matching pillow shams for our brand new bed! Now if only I can decide what color scheme......any ideas?

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