Zat You Santa Claus?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Around mid-December we took little miss Sofia to downtown Seattle with us to meet Mr. Claus at one of my favorite stores, Nordstrom. I had heard about how the Santa Claus there has his own little "cabin" and they give the children cookies, cider, etc and parents stand for hours in line because this Santa is just that awesome. Since we don't have any babies of our own, Ricky and I thought it would be awesome to take Sofia. (If you don't know, Sofia and her mom Alma are not "actually" related, but they are an "adopted" part of the Garcia family, and we all love Auntie Alma and our sister Sofia very much!) 

We got downtown about 1 PM and thought we'd get Santa out of the way before the line became too long. Upon arriving, we noticed the was no line, and simply could not believe our luck! Turns out the implemented a paging system this year to avoid people having to stand in line outside. That's great and all but I really wish I would have been told when I called them earlier in the week! At this point the "page" line was 2.5 hours long. They told us to have our cell available, and when it was time for use to come back Santa would give us a call.

What's to do when you have 2.5 hours to kill with a 4 year old in tow?

Once we got called, we checked in at the desk and headed inside. We were told it would be about 30 minutes until it was our turn. There were 3-4 families in front of us.. how would that take 30 + minutes?? While we were waiting, Sofia got some cookies and read The Night Before Christmas.

Sofia was so excited for Santa she could hardly stand still. Then the time came to meet the big man himself and this is what we got.........

He spent 5-10 minutes with Sofia chatting with her, asking what she wants, and encouraging her to leave him cookies and milk because he is going to be mighty hungry. The cool part was he had a mic on and so you could hear what he said to the children very easily. She took a couple minutes to warm up, but by the time our turn was up, she was chatting it up! 

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