Annual cold time, pretty much!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have been down with a nasty cold since Saturday night. Coughing, fever, sinus pressure and congestion, all the lovely symptoms. I was browsing through old mobile uploads and status updates from last year at this time on Facebook and it appears I was very ill about a week earlier last year. A year before that, give or take a week off as well. I've officially put a reminder to up my intake of vitamin C for the month of February 2013, and hopefully I can break this cycle. I hate being sick!
Ricky on the other hand is perfectly fine and will probably continue to be fine because somehow he avoids getting all the trash I drag home! Does anyone do anything specific to avoid the seasonal sickness? Please don't tell me to get a flu shot either because every time I've gotten one as an adult I get sick 10 times worse than I did without one.
Is it Spring yet?!

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