Tv Woes & TV WHOAS!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

We've had a casualty in the Garcia household. Ricky's beloved 42" plasma TV, the very first one he ever bought for himself (which if you know him at all, you know how important that decision was LOL) is now this....

We were taking this TV to Best Buy to get serviced when out of nowhere, we almost got hit on the passenger side by a vehicle who's driver chose not to check her blind spot and came right over into our lane. Ricky slammed on the brakes to avoid the collision. The force of having to stop almost immediately caused the TV to shoot forward and it slammed into the back of the front seats. It shot forward so hard it felt like we were rear-ended. Needless to say, Ricky was HEATED. We pulled up to the lady's vehicle and she didn't even look over at us. Probably cause she realized she cut us off and she saw Ricky having a full scale meltdown behind her!!!

Anyways, long story short auto insurance wouldn't cover it because there was no collision. Our warranty through Geek Squad at Best Buy wouldn't cover it either. As a last ditch effort, Ricky spoke with the manager at the Best Buy in Silverdale who said he would look into seeing what he could do. After a couple days of "seeing what they could do" we kind of lost hope. Next thing we know the assistant manager called us up and told us to come in and they'd either replace the TV or give us the current value for it to get something else! We were thrilled! When we got there, they didn't have the replacement TV, which was not in stock, so they decided to do us one better. They found the newest version of our TV (which we bought 5-6 years ago) all upgraded and gave us that one!!!!! We had to pay a nickel for the TV cause they couldn't zero it out completely and of course we bought the warranty for the new TV and we had gift cards to cover that. So in all, we got a $700 42" HDTV Plasma  1080P for $33 out the door, 4 year extended warranty and all!

We thanked the manager and he turned and told us, "No. Thank you guys for being such loyal customers!" I was floored and so pleasantly surprised. They went way above and beyond for us, when they absolutely did not have to. Amazing. I'll be making sure to send a lengthy thank you letter to not only the local store but the regional manager as well. There are still genuinely nice people in the world and apparently they are found at the Silverdale Best Buy!

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