Monday, September 24, 2012

I've been the master of excuses lately in regard to a TON of things including my eating habits, and my exercising habits (or lack there of). It's so easy for me to justify my laziness. I tell myself "you work yourself ragged all week you DESERVE to be lazy". This morning, as I was "running" on the treadmill (at least my version running) I realized the things that I make excuses for and then get depressed about are all things I can control. I can still run and move while I still can. I can choose to put healthy food in my body, no one is force feeding me cake!

I had to pump myself up in the last two minutes of my workout this morning. The person next to me probably thought I was insane cause I'm pretty sure I was mumbling under my breath, but telling myself why I want to lose the weight, and why I need to stay focused and not give up really helped me drive through that last minute. The high after I finished was amazing. I was proud I pushed myself, and I'm ready to do it again tomorrow.

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