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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I was gonna blog about the 7 days of Vitamix (which I am way behind on) and the new health program I am doing, but that can wait.

What happened in Boston yesterday is horrific and unbelievable. As more details emerge, I cannot process what the people affected are going through. Parents lost a little boy who hadn't even been old enough to explore who he wanted to be. Another set of parents lost a daughter who was beaming with pride waiting for her boyfriend to cross the finish line. Many people lost arms and legs. Many more will have injuries they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Countless people who were at the scene and watching this all unfold through the media will have emotional injuries and scars they will carry with them.

I have read several articles that mention this attack is scary, but shouldn't be this big of a "news getter". Are you kidding me? Sure, the total amount of people physically injured was relatively low when you compare this tragedy to September 11, 2001 or the Oklahoma City bombing. The reason this attack, and all attacks like this one, are so scary, is no one could have ever expected it. Ever. When you can't participate or be a spectator of something so non-political, and non-controversial as a marathon, that's when it becomes truly bone chilling. There was no statement to be made by doing this above the fact that it is now abundantly clear we can be attacked in a horrific way, either by foreign or domestic terrorists, at any time in any place. Plain and simple. No place is safe.

I hope they catch who ever is responsible and they are punished. Severely.

A photo was being shared all over Facebook yesterday that I had to repost. It puts tragedy in a new light... there will always be hate and evil. But there will also be hope, love and care. I hope I remember this quote when I have children and have to explain to them why things like this happen.

Photo from Huffington Post Online

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