Government? What Government?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So I have been radio silent for the past month. Not because I haven't wanted to blog but because right now our lives are a bit super crazy right now. Things are nonstop in the Garcia Household!

I just have to vent a little right now because I am super frustrated. I don't understand why our elected leaders, you know the ones who promised to do this and that if elected, can't get their stuff together and agree that this government shutdown was and is a horrible idea! I don't care what side of the fence you are on - just figure it out! 

The hubster works for the Department of Defense, as does my parents and countless other friends and family members in the area. He has been told that he is "exempt" from the furlough, which is somewhat of a relief but as a friend pointed out so well, the lesser of two evils. Sure, he gets to continue to report to work everyday, but until this is ironed out, we will get paid in big 'ol fat I.O.U.s from the United States of America. Can I show my electric company the letter that says he'll get paid eventually, and ask them with a straight face to hold my bill? Negative. 

Luckily we are not a one income household so my income will still pay for some things, but not all. Here's to hoping that this is all over before we can really feel the impact of what this is going to do. 

On a side note, can we take away congress's pay until they've figured it out? I bet if they lost their income we'd have this figured out right quick!


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