Cannon Beach Weekend

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Disclaimer: This post is going to be super photo heavy!

Last weekend we had a weekend getaway to Cannon Beach, Oregon. My brother -in-law works at the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center and got us some amazing ocean front rooms for $20/night! 

The purpose of the trip was not only to get away from normal life for a 2 days, but to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with Nico because he had to work and wouldn't be making the drive back home for the holiday. Right after work we all made the 3.5 hour drive down to Cannon Beach. I'd like to say the drive was beautiful, but it was pitch black the entire way.  

After a mediocre night of sleep (king to full bed with 2 fluffy people =no bueno) We wandered around the sleepy little downtown area and I found an amaze coffee shop. Thank you baby Jesus! We wandered a little further down and found breakfast at a Pig n' Pancake joint. 


I thought I looked cute, so I took some selfies. Don't judge, I was on vaca and I do what I want! Plus, the Instagram filters were being extra kind to me that day. (if you don't follow me on Instagram yet, you should!)


I also found some pickle flavored candy canes ..... almost took those babies home out of sheer curiosity!

After breakfast, the sister in laws and I headed out to the beach to snap some photos, and well just be on the freakin' beach! I am at home when I am on an Oregon beach. Love love love. 

Alex was walking behind me and took this amaze panorama shot with her phone. The one person you see is me walking on the beach. What is crazy awesome, is when you zoom in on the photo, I am see through!

After being throughly wind blown (and loving every single second of it) we all piled back in the car and drove an hour south to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I was not leaving Oregon without some smoked cheddar. It just wasn't happening.

We needed a picture inside the loaf bus at Tillamook, so I slid in, and waited for Ricky. Out of nowhere, this little girl slid right into the bus with me and was as happy as a clam. Ricky kind of stood there waiting for me to kick her out, but when we looked around to see who she belonged to, no one seemed to be watching her or looking for her. I became a little worried she was lost and didn't want to send her out of the loaf bus to be kidnapped. I told her we'd like to take a picture and if she wanted to slide out of the bus for a quick minute, she could come back in right away. I didn't want her to run off. When I told her that, she looked like I just punched her puppy or something so I asked her if she wanted to stay in the bus and be in the picture. She excitedly nodded her head and slid over next to me so Ricky could get in. She posed and smiled for the picture even. I love it and laugh every time I look at the picture.  I guess we temporarily adopted a small white child while in Oregon! Christmas card photo anyone?!

After the cheese factory, we took the drive a little slower back to Cannon Beach and stopped at several vantage points to take in the view. 

Once we returned back to Cannon Beach, Ricky wanted to take a nap and read. I wanted to head out to Haystack Rock and take some photos at sunset. We all went and did our own separate things for a bit. I was so happy I went down and shot some photos. The time spent down at the beach to just reflect on the last couple months was really nice for me. Plus, there was an amazing sunset in store.

Saturday night was early Thanksgiving. Of course the food was great and we got to meet several of Nico's friends. Late Saturday night was spent in chairs out of the deck, just the hubby and I taking in the beautiful night sky. It's amazing how many stars you can see when you are away from the city lights. We both witnessed a couple shooting stars, which is always a treat for me!

Sunday morning I went for another stroll down the road and tried a different coffee shop Nico had recommended called Insomnia. It wasn't crazy strong, but my almond mocha did the trick! It was pretty wonderful to sit in the chair on patio on sip my coffee in 55 degree weather while the waves crashed on the beach. 

We headed over to the Portland area later on Sunday and got some shopping done (tax free). We found some fantastic outlets complete with a Coach outlet who happened to be running a 50% off the entire store sale. I'm not gonna share what happened there, because I become a raging Coach-a-holic in situations like those. We also hit up a Nordstrom Rack where I almost bought Seahawk color glasses until I realized they were reading glasses. Not cool.

Once we got home around 8 PM, this guy was on me like white on rice. Didn't leave my side the whole night. Glad to know we were missed ;-)



  1. Hey!
    I came across your photos and blog by accident while looking for filters for cameras!
    I just wanted to say I love your photos, especially this one ( ) The oranges look amazing! Nice one!! :D

    Adam - England.

  2. Thank you Adam! I've pretty silent lately but am planning on getting back into blogging! That photo is one of my very favorite as well!