MNF - Bowl Bound Baby!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I am having a total Monday Night Football hangover. Seriously, did anyone not watch the game last night? My beloved Seahawks decided to take any doubts people had about their team this year and blow them out of the water! 

My mom, brother Eric and I all went to the game. Eric was a little embarrassed and said my mom and I were dressed like idiots cause we were wearing our socks on the outside of our pants. Mine were my DIY Boot Socks, which is basically cutting the legs off some leggings in whatever color/print you want and then wearing them like leg warmers. Works for me!

Eric's 21st birthday was on Sunday, so after hopping the ferry to Seattle our first stop was Cowgirls Inc. We all had a drink together and got out of there cause it was pretty packed and headed out to find somewhere to eat lunch. After waiting almost 2 hours at a restaurant right next to the stadium ( and still not getting a freaking table) we headed into Touchdown City. They always have Seahawks alumni signing and they happened to have Norm Johnson there. He played for the hawks in the 80s. Eric knew who he was and was pretty excited about it. Turns out he also went to high school with his son. Small world!

Every weather forecast I had seen for the game said it would be cold (possibly 28-30 degrees) but dry. When we walked into the stadium and saw the sky, I was not excited. We were in the seats in the Hawks Nest (very center of the photo) about 1/3 of the way up. Eric bee-lined it to the tunnel to try and get autographs on the Seahawks flag we've been collecting signatures on for years, and mom and I headed to the seats. 

Of course, I saw a Starbucks stand and knew I needed to stop because I was already cold and knew I was gonna need some energy. Unfortunately I am pretty sure they made my mocha with half water and half milk. It wasn't very tasty, but it was hot and had caffeine. I'll take it. 

It rained. Not badly, but it still rained. Dear weather prediction people... you were wrong.

After the rain stopped, despite being cold, it was a beautiful night for a game. The 12th Man aka Seahawks fans took back our rightful title as the Guinness World Record's loudest crowd but we also caused a 1-2 magnitude earthquake after the Bennett interception turned touchdown in the first quarter!

We actually registered on the scale a total of 5 times last night! Well done 12th man, well done. 

Here's a little clip I took from last night, featuring my main man Sherman. It's a time out and we are still this loud!

Rain and all it was AWESOME! Go Hawks! Superbowl baby!


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