Look - I Can Sew!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ricky bought me a sewing machine at the beginning of December and I so thrilled I have one now. I find myself thinking up all of these different plans and am not having the time to execute them. It is a running joke with Ricky that I am just going to use this sewing machine once and then I will be done and it will do nothing but gather dust. Well, I have actually made a couple things so far in just a short month!  

Starting with top left : Bruce (he really wanted to be in a picture) and an Adult sized two sided fleece blanket (gift),  Toddler sized two sided fleece blanket with stitched on applique (gift), Closer look at applique and blankets (they were gifts for a mother and daughter so I tried to coordinate the colors), & a Christmas stocking for Ricky's brother.

I realize that these are by no means impressive and complicated projects, however I haven't actually touched a sewing machine since I was about 9. So, I am happy I even remember how to get one up and running!

My next project (which I am hoping to do tonight) will be scarves and hats for my mom and I for the Seahawks game on Saturday. It's going to be cold and I am not a hat-wearer but maybe if I make it exactly how I want it, I will wear it. I happen to have some neon green fleece (Seahawk neon green that is) and the coordinating Seahawk blue with the logo fleece hanging around the house. I had bought the fabric last month and I got both pieces for super cheap (remnants discount + 50% off) originally for a couch throw for myself when I am yelling at the TV watching the game. However, it is only about 1 1/4 yards, and that would be a smallish blanket, so I think I will re-purpose this stuff. 

I plan on making some plain beanie type hats, but I stumbled across these adorable ear warmers at Delia Creates. So I think I will make the hat normal, but use these as some inspiration and maybe add some of those adorable fabric flowers! Stay tuned to see if I can pull this off! :-)

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  1. i might enlist your help for curtains in feb!