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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some of you may not know, but when we moved to Bremerton when I was 11 my parents bought season tickets for the Seahawks. My mom is/was a HUGE fan, so they bought 3 tickets, one for each of them and then one for one of us kids and we would rotate through. I vividly remember finding out which games were available as soon as the schedule was released and we would all draw numbers out of a hat to round robin pick each game. I scored the Seahawks vs. Raiders game almost every time, but that wasn't for lack of trading (or tricking some might say)  with my sister and brother for other games. I LOVED the hype of the these games. When the hard copy tickets showed up in the mail later on, they were like paper gold.  Unfortunately, those season tickets were dropped several years later right before the move into Qwest Field.

After Sunday's big W against the I was (along with every other die hard win or lose Seahawks fan) thrilled that the Seahawks would be in the playoffs. They haven't got in since the 2005 -2006 season where they got to the Superbowl (for the first time EVER) and got robbed by the referees.... but I am going to drop that because I get angry every time I talk about. ESPECIALLY after one of the referees admitted he blew several calls in the came several years later. But I said I wasn't gonna get into it.  Here's the thing. Everyone is up in arms because the Seahawks are going into the playoffs with a losing record (7-9). Guess what? If the Rams would have won the game Sunday, they would have been going into the playoffs with a record not much better (8-8 if they would have won).  So my point is stop griping to anyone and everyone who will listen that the Seahawks don't deserve to be in the playoffs. The way I see it, they won their division and deserve to be there, and I personally and THRILLED about it.

Come Saturday at 1:30 PM my mom and I will proudly be in our seats right next to the tunnel, probably with our faces and hair painted blue and green, ready to cheer on the hawks to a victory!

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