Butterflies, Battlestar Galactica, and Harry Potter Oh My!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ricky & Judd in front of two Battlestar Galactica posters.

Yesterday was a fun-filled gray Seattle day. Our friends Judd and Mandy had planned going to a Battlestar Gallactica exhibit that was at the Sy-Fyi/EMP musuem. I have never watched Battlestar Gallactica, nor do I know much about it at all, and I am pretty sure Judd's lady Mandy was on the same boat I was. The exhibit had a few cool things to look at, full size fighter ships from the show and costumes, but it was pretty small for all of the hype it was causing. We also spent a ton of time in the gift shops for the boys to look around, but no one bought anything. It was a total geek fest inside this exhibit and I didn't know what I was reading or looking at half the time, but I was a good sport I think and just slowly wandered around being "interested". :-) We spent about an hour inside the the rest of EMP, and I made everyone join me in the On Stage simulator, which is always a good time. I will not share our on stage photo, just because I don't think any of the other involved parties would appreciate it.

Somehow I convinced Ricky to let me go to the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Science Center. I have been watching promos for the this exhibit for a while, but Ricky didn't really want to go so we never made the trek over. Well, I figured, while we are here we might as well! Then I found out that Mandy is also a fan which was pretty awesome. Judd - not so much... and Ricky was just going to make me happy. So, we bought tickets for a 4:45 pm entry (everything else mid-day was sold out) and I eagerly waited all day (trying very hard not to jump up and down from excitement, because that would have been embarrassing....Ricky and Judd would have had a field day with that haha). The tickets we bought also gave us access to the entire science center before or after the Harry Potter stuff. After lunch we headed into the Science Center and bee-lined it for the butterfly house. We only had a half an hour before we needed to be at the HP entry, so we thought this would be a cool thing to do for a while, and it was. I was kicking myself for not bringing my big camera, but when we left this morning we hadn't planned for a trip to see butterflies! It was 85+ degrees inside the "house" and butterflies were everywhere. We were warned ahead of time to watch our step because they liked to rest on the ground. The entire time I was so terrified I was going to step on one, I probably looked drunk walking around, constantly looking down on the floor. I desperately wanted a butterfly to land on me, but I was not nearly as lucky as the other people who had butterflies swarming around them. I was able to snag a few pictures with my little droid camera.

Then it was on to the main event (for me at least). Compared to the Battlestar Galactica exhibit from earlier in the day, Harry Potter BLEW it out of the water. They had each section sorted out in different Hogwarts houses, class subjects, good guys/bad guys, well-known scenes, etc. It was awesome, huge, well put together, interactive..... and again awesome. The price was a little high ($30 per person after taxes and handling) but I thought for a true Harry Potter fan, it was worth it. No photography was allowed (not even without flash) in the exhibit, so the only thing I have to share is a little video from the website.

That is just a tiny speckling of everything they had. They had an entire section for the death eaters and Voldemort's robes, wand, etc. Very cool stuff. I would whole heartily recommend the exhibit if you are a Harry Potter fan. I believe it has now been extended to Feb 13, 2011 and you can get your tickets online! We also noticed that the next exhibit is an extensive Star Wars collection...... and I have a feeling I will be a good wife and go with Ricky to that one as well! We had a great time with some great friends and are looking forward to more adventures with Mandy and Judd!

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