I've fallen and I can't get up

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My lower back has been nagging me with aches for the past 2 weeks. I think I somehow tweaked it doing laundry or some other household chore. I have just been popping some advil when it is really bothersome and going about my day. My loving husband scheduled me a massage for Monday night and I was looking forward to feeling normal again all day.
During the massage I could feel my muscles loosening and as far as I knew when it was over I was going to be good as new. To my surprise (and panic) when I tried to sit up and get off the table, I couldn't. I fell back down onto the table and thought, "ok that was weird, I'll just push through it I must be sore." Tried again and no luck. After several minutes I was able to seal crawl (that's the best way to describe it) to the bench. I was able to put my regular clothes back on for the most part but my whole body was shaking and my whole back felt like ripples of pain shooting through it. The massage therapist asked me if I was ok, and I told her to come in and let her know I couldn't move. After a couple more tries, I got back on the table and she placed an ice pack on my back. Ricky called me during this time and I told him he needed to come to where I was. When he got there, he basically had to force my body into the upright position and carry / drag me to the car. The pain was so intense just from that short distance I was squeezing his had so hard in the car that my whole left arm went numb and started to tingle. We drove straight to the ER and he put me into a wheelchair. I could sit to the side and lean over for the most part, but if I moved my back would start spasming.
After about an hour sitting in the same position, my back would spasm if i did nothing but breathe in deeply. Ricky's mom and brother were in the area and they came and kept Ricky and I company. It was nice of them to come and kept me semi distracted until I finally got a room. Julia (my mother in law) has had a lot of experience with pain management in the past and knew the questions to ask the nurse and the doctor. I eventually got a shot of Dilaudid while there and sent home with pain meds, muscle relaxers, and anti inflammatory meds. That shot basically knocked me out cold, physically and mentally. Once it kicked in fully I was home and trying to eat a piece of bread and I just couldn't do it. Trying to get my brain to tell my throat muscles to work just wasn't happening and I ended up almost choking twice. I started to drift into sleep but kept being woken up because my skin was extremely itchy.
As of now I am doing better. I have been in bed basically two days straight and am really looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow. I can walk, but very slowly and it's more of a shuffle than a full walk. I'm just going to have to take it easy for a few more days and if it's not better by Monday I have to get a referral for physical therapy.
The doctors still don't really know what happened besides just telling me they think that my muscles are just "angry". I am hoping they cheer up soon!!

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