I'll admit it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ok, so here's the truth - I have baby fever. Bad.

The end.

Just kidding, not really the end of the post.

I have to admit, that I am currently "suffering" from the baby fever. It's my own fault. The blogs I read (aside from my friends' blogs) are mostly crafty type blogs and they are always posting the most adorable little outfits to make for their kids. I am drawn to all things little, wrinkly, and newborn. No, that's a lie. I think currently my temperature is so high I am drawn to any child under 5. I can't go to a store because there are babies everywhere and I am easily amused by them and if their parents would let me I might be tempted to remove them from the cart and walk around with them myself! Disclaimer: I wouldn't steal someone's baby..... I'd ask for permission first ;-)
When I watched Desperate Housewives on Sunday, instead of paying attention to the storyline, my attention had been absorbed by the little baby that plays Paige. I can't help it! I've even got Ricky talking about what RIDICULOUS great and unique name he would name his son..... Rifle Greywolf Garcia would be his choice, I'm just saying.

Now, let me also say, while I am all things baby currently, I am also pretty rational (I hope). We are not talking like I want a baby in exactly nine months, cause let's face it....that would be crazy! BUT I will say that Ricky and I have been talking about it quite a bit lately and he would be just excited to have one as I would. There are a couple of things we would/are really thinking about before we take that leap.
  1. I (we) need to lose some weight. I would obviously because I am overweight and need to for my own health, but I am sure a pregnancy would be a little easier if I didn't start out so heavy. Ricky is also overweight and he said himself he needs to get on track as well. I am down only approximately 10 lbs from the beginning of the year, but I have been pretty lax lately on my food intake and basically no exercise. That is changing now, which is exciting.
  2. Ricky just started a new job at the end of January at the shipyard. He is trying to get into the apprenticeship and should know by August 2011 if he was accepted. If he is, that would be an awesome opportunity for him to really advance his career (and his paycheck) in the future. I am sure I will want to return to work after having a baby, unless Ricky is making enough to where it is not necessary. I know childcare for working parents can be expensive, but I think I've got an alternative to the traditional childcare costs in friends and family, and so it wouldn't be a situation where I am basically working to put my kid through daycare. We are pretty stable financially so while I know babies are expensive, I would also say we are living comfortable currently.
  3. We are renting a 2 bedroom, 900 square foot duplex currently and are in a lease until November 2011. In a perfect world I would like buy a house with 3+ bedrooms before we start having children, but again that is in a perfect world. Buying a house is something we will do in our near future(hopefully before we turn 30) but it also takes a lot of financial planning and decision making. As renters we also have the luxury of calling the landlord when things break, and the repairs are on their pocketbook, not ours. That would definitely be a plus of renting for a little longer.
  4. We just got married in October.  Everyone keeps telling me "Why rush, enjoy getting to know each other". NEWS FLASH - Ricky and I  know each other pretty darn well, considering we have been together since we were 17. If you need to count, it will be 7 years in May since we have been together. The only thing that changed when we got married was the last name on my driver's license and our tax status! We've been married for 5 months, and while I get what the fuss is about as newlyweds, I also cannot wait until we are a complete family. We have Bruce Wayne and he is a big enough furbaby for us right now, but I think he secretly wants a human sibling about as much as I want a human baby! We also already know he is great with kids so another worry gone. :-)
Long story short (well actually long story long cause this is a long post) We want to have a baby. Now? No. Maybe in 2012? Yes. Stay tuned I guess :-)

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  1. HOW DID I EFFING MISS THIS POST!!! even though you discussed all of this with me before to see it here , for everyone to see makes me happy. I am soooo ready for a little baby spatam it isnt even funny!!!