Clear Creek Trail Opening!

Monday, March 28, 2011

 In the past couple of months, my mom and I have been going to Clear Creek Trail in Silverdale early Sunday mornings for an extended walk with the pups. Since we started going, most of the trail down by the skate park has been fenced off, so we have stayed on the shorter, one way, paved path. Much to my surprise when I went out there Friday after work with my friend Holli and her children, the fenced off portion was open and packed with families and dogs! We completed a one mile loop, which is definitely on the shorter side of the many loops and paths you can do but it felt nice to get some fresh air. Of course Bruce didn't get to make the journey this time, but when he is back to normal I think he will love the new territory to explore! I need to get out there more often considering I have a 4 mile run I need to get in shape for by July!

Some people find this ugly, I think it's beautiful.

When you are on the trail, you don't even realize you are in town!

Run Cailyn, run!

Hannah Montana went for a jog with us as well! ;-)

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