HCG; Week #1

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

As I mentioned before, I have started the HCG diet.  For those of you that don't know what the HCG diet is, it's simply a very low calorie restrictive diet paired along with HCG, either in pill, drops, or injection form. Before everyone freaks out, I am not doing the injections, I am doing the oral drops.  I purchased them at Maxx Nutrition in Silverdale and they answered my questions for about 45 minutes and were very knowledgeable.

You stick to this diet and the HCG for a maximum of 43 days, and then you need to take a 3 week break and then can start another cycle if you have more weight you want to lose. I take 5 drops under my tongue 4 times a day for a total of 20 drops. Also, at the urging of the worker at Maxx Nutrition I purchased some "Green Zone" which is a powder that you add to water to make sure you are getting all of the vitamins you need no matter what.

I have tea for breakfast and then at about 9:30 am I drink the green zone stuff. The green "goop" as I call it is not exactly delicious looking, but it actually doesn't taste bad.

I'll take another set of drops around 11 am, and then at 11:30 am I'll have lunch. My lunch usually is the same as my dinner and consists of one 4 oz serving of protein, 1 serving of vegetable, and 1 serving of fruit. I have this twice daily and drink a ton of water. I have been sticking to kale and tomatoes as my vegetable and I can choose from an apple, orange or strawberries as my fruit serving.

These were my "chicken tacos" for May 5th.
I was attempting to be festive!
Overall, it has been hard to stick to the diet but for a week straight I have been seeing fantastic results. This morning when I weighed, I didn't lose anything which is the first time that's happened, but in 8 days I've lost a total of 15 POUNDS!

I know if sounds crazy and it kind of is, but I feel pretty much normal. I haven't had really any side effects and I know some of you consider this an incredibly risky diet. My response to that is, until you try it you have no idea how it is going to make you feel. I don't believe it is more risky to my health than staying the size I was. That weight is so unhealthy and is causing my body damage every single day. I feel great on this diet. Granted I am going to come off of it in 35 days, but when I do I will have a new habit of eating a veggie and fruit with each meal and I will be accustomed to leaner meats. I will still splurge occasionally but I will keep with my good eating habits.

So, my goal for 43 days was 40 lbs lost. I've lost 15, so I've got 25 more to go!


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