8 Stages of Gym Motivation

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This is not made by me - it's from The Stir but it is SO true, I had to repost this! Here are the 8 stages of workout motivation:
1. You first think about going to the gym, but you'd rather do this:
workout gif
2. Then you think about your workout mantra. Note: Your workout mantra is completely unrealistic.
workout gif
3. But regardless, you get your butt up and get going toward the fantastic domain of physical fitness:
working out gif
4. Suddenly, you start to feel motivated. And you think maybe I should just run there!
running to gym
5. You've made it to the gym. Great job! The only catch? While you think you look like this:
gym gif
6. What you really look like:
workout gif
7. But regardless, you feel accomplished because YOU DID IT!
king of the world
8. Since you've sweated a whole bunch, it's obviously time to think about your next meal:
pizza wings


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