Birthday Boy

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I've been neglecting this lovely slice of blogland lately. Life is so busy and full, I miss what it feels like to just be, without rushing off to do something else. 

On the top of the recent events list, the hubster's birthday was this past weekend. This picture. Could you just die from cuteness overload?

 He turned 28. What an old man, at least for 19 days until I join him, being all close to 30 and stuff. <----(30?! Seriously - not cool man. Not cool.) I'm in denial about age, so.....


Kills me dead. Every. Time. Gosh we are gonna have cute kids!

Anyways, Hubster didn't want a big celebration, just a couple friends and family for a low key BBQ, which is what we did. I decided to indulge him and make (among tons of other dishes) no less than 5 million jalapeƱo poppers stuffed with cheddar and wrapped with bacon. I don't eat poppers, but I hear they were delish. 

It was also a strictly no make-up casual day. Don't judge. 


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  1. Happy birthday Ricky, from Michael and me!
    hugs, Lori